Bioavailability studies have begun: we introduce you Prorocentrum micans

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Prorocentrum micans is an unicellular dinoflagellate species with a longitude ranging between 35 and 75 µm, a cellulose theca and two unequal flagella. It is an euryhaline and mixotrophic species that reproduces by asexual binary fission. Prorocentrum micans could be considered as a harmful algae responsible of coloured water episodes, known as red tides. However, there are no studies confirming its toxicity.


Photo 1: Prorocentrum micans
Photo 1: Prorocentrum micans


Prorocentrum micans has been choosen as a model microalgae for the metal bioavailability studies because it is present in the Mar Menor, being one of the most abundant dinoflagellates in this coastal system.

Microalgae collection of the IEO has a Prorocentrum micans strain (PMV 311) isolated for the first time in 1985 from the Ría de Vigo by Dr. Isabel Bravo. We are growing this strain in a constant temperature chamber at 25ºC using L1 culture media and a 12 h light:12 h dark photoperiod. When the culture gets exponential growth phase, it is harvested by filtration and exposed to different combinations of metals with or without the presence of organic matter in order to quantify metal internalization by cells.


Foto 2: Prorocentrum micans laboratory cultures
Foto 2: Prorocentrum micans laboratory cultures



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