SEE ME Project

Research: Consequences of singular environmental events on the cycle of metals in coastal lagoons and their influence on the incorporation of metals by primary producers. Location: Mar Menor, Murcia (Spain)

Ref: PID2019-109355RA-I00. MCIU/AEI/FEDER, UE

Study the biogeochemical cycle of metals in the the Mar Menor lagoon under stationary conditions and singular environmental events.

Determine metal bioavailability for phytoplankton and potential internalization in the Mar Menor.

Determine the bioaccumulation factor of trace metals along the food chain of the Mar Menor.

Project Progress

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Last News and divulgation activities

Bioavailability studies have begun: we introduce you Prorocentrum micans

Prorocentrum micans is an unicellular dinoflagellate species with a longitude ranging between 35 and 75 µm, a cellulose theca and two unequal flagella. It is an euryhaline and mixotrophic species that reproduces by asexual binary fission. Prorocentrum micans could be considered as a harmful algae responsible of coloured water episodes, known as red tides. However, there are no studies confirming…

Master thesis in the framework of the SEE-ME project!

Juan Estévez has been working with us during five months, getting skills on microalgal cultures, measurement of cell densities, and evaluating the viability of centrifuged cells using different methods. As a result, he has defended his Master’s degree project in June 2020 with great qualification. Good job Juan!  

Article: Contempt for the environment turns against humans.

Critical article in which it is demonstrated how the successive damages made by the human being on the Mar Menor have come back to him. LINK TO ARTICLE

Article: Adaptation of the San Javier treatment plant.

Interesting article published in a Spanish newspaper about the investement devoted to the adaptation of the San Javier treatment plant that will benefit the ecological status of the Mar Menor. LINK TO ARTICLE

Appearances of the project in the media

2021-03-23 El IEO comienza un nuevo proyecto para estudiar el efecto de los metales en el Mar Menor  // 20 minutos 2021-03-23 El IEO comienza un nuevo proyecto para estudiar el efecto de los metales en el Mar Menor // La Verdad 2021-03-24 El Oceanográfico analizará los efectos de los metales pesados en el Mar Menor // La Opinión de Murcia 2021-03-24 Analizan...

Meeting with the General Director of the Mar Menor

Taking advantage of the trip to San Pedro del Pinatar (Murcia) to carry out the first sampling, we had the opportunity to meet with the General Director of Mar Menor, Miriam Pérez Albaladejo, who along with her technical advisor, was very interested in the project and called on us to hold future videoconferences to follow its progress and seek for...

First sampling cruise

Despite the fact that the project officially started nine months ago, different circumstances, including the global pandemic, have meant that the first sampling has not been possible until now. The week of March 22-26, Paula Sánchez and Juan Santos were carrying out the first campaign of the project where they collected the first samples of water and sediment in the...

Here we are!

Here we are! We are pleased to present you the website of the SEE-ME project that we have configured with all our enthusiasm and effort. The project aims to study the biogeochemical cycle of metals in the Mar Menor lagoon complex (Murcia, Spain) and how this cycle is affected by singular environmental events caused by anthropogenic pressures and climate change....

Article: 438 environmental attacks on the Mar Menor in a decade

Useful article in El País, explaining the 438 environmental attacks on the Mar Menor in a decade (Spanish) LINK TO ARTICLE